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Viral Recruiters Podcast



They're about 10 minutes long

  • Perfect for a team meeting

  • Perfect to listen to in your home office

  • Not full of marketing-y bollocks

  • Actionable tips for recruiters

  • Sounds great on the ears

Recbound have set up the Viral Recruiters podcast and it's going to be full of simple tips for recruiters and owners.

Episodes so far:

  • Go niche or go home (why be a specialist)

  • Drip email (best practices)

  • Why rebates are shit (should you offer them?)

  • Planning a podcast (big thing for 2023)

  • Email signatures (if you did it yourself, you need a new one)

  • Virtue signalling (it is RIFE on LinkedIn)

  • Any poll's a goal (making polls useful)

  • Job posts (what makes them stand out)

  • Headshots (do you need a profile picture?) We're doing more recording sessions soon, but please take a listen on your chosen platform :

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