World class training platform meets high-performance coaching.
Are you struggling to get the most out of your experienced Recruiters? Are you finding it time consuming training fresh Recruiters from scratch?

Secure access for you and your entire organization to our state of the art platform.

If increased billings, a knowledge of driving revenue successfully and recruitment best practice & consistent high-performance mindset is what you’re looking for in your team, this is for you.
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The Coaching
The content  is modern, short, sharp, impactful and professionally edited, delivered by industry experts such as Dan Alexander, Charlotte Doherty and Andy Hallett & Dualta Doherty.

Starting with The 12 Week Rookie program and continuing with Weekly Senior Coaching sessions, the RecWired Platform provides the perfect blend of digital and mentor-led learning, so that you recruiters will grow at an accelerated pace, in the right direction.
The Platform
Held over Zoom, the coaching sessions with Dan Alexander for Senior Consultants are 45 minutes long and are monthly-themed. As such, a month focused on Business development, for example, could encompass talking about Words to eliminate in BD, Winning fees at higher percentages, Winning exclusive & retained, and Upgrading your Client base - spread over 4 weeks.
150+ lessons
across 7 key areas
8 Live
recruiter sessions / mo.
4 N.E.D
sessions with
Andy Hallett
95% of recruiters report
more confidence
to get on the phone
with clients and candidates
Tech enablement
avg. time to start
seeing results