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Our latest Recruitment Market Survey explores the concerns, expectations and forecasts of recruitment founders and sheds light on how the industry is evolving. We have extracted some key findings from the report to give you a glimpse of what you'll find in the full document.

One of the most striking findings from our survey is the relatively stable level of market concern among recruitment founders. Despite various challenges and uncertainties, there was only a 2.8% increase in founders expressing concern about the market compared to last Q3/Q4 2022 results. This resilience reflects the industry's adaptability and optimism amidst a shifting landscape.

Source: RecWired Market Survey

Interestingly, talent shortages, which dominated concerns in Q4 of 2022, have become significantly less worrisome for agencies, with the level of concern halved.The focal point has now transitioned towards potential recession, political and economic instability, as well as the necessity for upskilling and training - issues that currently occupy the minds of 32.8% of founders. These shifting concerns emphasise the need for recruitment agencies to maintain a level of adaptability and forward-thinking in their strategic approach.

Our survey also delved into the role of AI and automation in the recruitment process. A significant majority (77%) view AI as a supporting tool for recruiters, highlighting the perceived value of AI in augmenting human efforts rather than replacing them. When asked about the potential impact of AI on the future of recruitment, 47% believe it will slightly improve the process, while 32% foresee it positively revolutionising the industry. This indicates an overall optimism towards the integration of AI and technology in recruitment.

Source: RecWired Market Survey

These insights are merely the tip of the iceberg. The complete Recruitment Market Survey contains a wealth of data and insights that can help guide recruitment agencies through the complexities of today's market. Information you’ll find in the report includes per head billing figures, BD and candidate attraction strategies, rec tech most popular products, investments trends and much more.

To gain a comprehensive understanding of the trends, challenges, and opportunities sculpting the future of recruitment, we invite you to participate in our upcoming Q3/Q4 2023 survey. Not only will your insights contribute to the ongoing dialogue, but you'll receive a complimentary copy of the insightful Q1/Q2 2023 report.

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