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Attracting Top Talent Using Human Connection



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Nowadays, job seekers have access to various platforms and tools that provide them with more control and options than ever before.

Candidates are not loyal to specific agencies or job boards, and they search for job opportunities across multiple platforms at all times of the day. With the introduction of Google for Jobs and the integration of Artificial Intelligence, the recruitment process has become more complex and challenging than ever.

It's fair to say that job seekers currently have the upper hand in the recruitment process. They can specify how they prefer to be contacted about job opportunities and leave reviews that can influence other candidates' perceptions of a company.

Moreover, even after being hired, two-thirds of employees start looking for other jobs within 91 days, creating the phenomenon of the "constant candidate."

Given the highly competitive nature of talent attraction, how can businesses stand out in this market? The answer lies in bridging the gap between candidates' expectations and the recruitment experience by offering a human touch. Personalisation and communication are key in creating a positive candidate experience that sets companies apart from the competition.

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