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SBPM Partners

SBPM Partners defines, optimizes & manages back office operations of US based staffing firms.

To have full control of your business in the US you should be your own employer.

If you’re not, we can help you get there.
If you are, we identify the areas you can optimize.

Whatever your specialism, the cost and time commitment required to manage your back office can be a major distraction from growing your business. We can help you free up time to focus on sales, operations and strategy.


✅ Back Office Operations & Administration
> Onboarding
> Active Contractor Management
> Payroll Administration
> Benefits Administration
> Customer Invoice Administration
> Offboarding & Termination Administration
✅ Employee Safety & Risk Management
✅ Medical Benefits Management
✅ Workers Compensation Solutions
✅ Industry Specific Solutions

Offer for Rewired Members:
USA back office process review and/or insight to how and what you need to get up & running in the US.

SBPM Partners

Offer for RecWired members:

USA back office review


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