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Recruiters Mastermind

Mentorship, Advisory, and Consultancy designed to help Recruitment Founders at all levels better their businesses. Tailored to approach every area that impacts the performance of a recruitment agency with tried and proven point solutions.
Charlotte & Dualta Doherty will advise, strategize and support you in streamlining the processes that will transform and evolve your agency into a thriving recruitment business.

Learn how to:

> Get more profitable - Learn about vetted recruitment strategies and win new business using tried and proven processes that increase your revenue.
> Build and elevate your personal brand - What do you want to be known for? Discover how to increase your market outreach and stand out from competitors using inbound marketing.
> Save more time - Learn how to step away from repetitive tasks and use a team of VAs and a streamlined tech stack that does it for you, earning back 4+ hours a day.

Build and evolve your business further than ever before, so that you can begin working on your business, not in it.


> Bespoke Mentorship & Accountability Program
> Recruiters Mastermind course
> Virtual Assistants Mastermind - The quarterback system
> Tech stack audit
> Operations audit
> Talent Acquisition audit
> ATS review project

Doherty Group Advisory

Offer for RecWired members:

Preferential pricing


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