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Tooled Up Raccoons

If only the best candidates would just land in your inbox. Sadly the world of recruitment is not always that easy.

With an ever growing pool of candidates on-line distributed across multiple platforms, finding the 'best' candidates depends on your team becoming the ultimate hunters.

As candidate hunters your team will be experiencing at least one of these challenges over the course of their day frustration of being beaten to candidates, pressure of finding the right candidates, difficulty finding "rare/unicorn" candidates, hitting a "sourcing wall" and not knowing how to dig deeper OR where to look next, nervous to run searches out of comfort zone or the fear of failing as they juggle multiple assignments at once.

But there is a way to remove these challenges ... Welcome to Tooled Up Raccoons! We transform recruitment teams into unbeatable hunters by levelling up their sourcing game, across any platform!

When your team becomes the ultimate hunter you will cut sourcing time by 50%, improve ROI from invested platforms and leave your competition wondering why they can never beat you to candidates.

How do we do this? Check out the below services!


🏆 Raccoon Advanced Technology

🏆 Raccoon On-Line Training Academy

🏆 Ultimate Sourcing Accelerator Program (aka Sourcing Audit)

🏆 Boolean String Building

🏆 Private Training Sessions


Raccoon Advanced Technology + Raccoon On-Line Training Academy

  • Monthly: £49 + tax, per user.

  • Annual: £395 + tax, per user.

  • Top of £25 to access string translation features.

Ultimate Sourcing Accelerator Program (aka Sourcing Audit)

  • £300 + tax per person. 1x 90 min session and 2x 30 min session.

Boolean String Building

  • Bespoke.

Private Training Sessions

  • £150 per hour.

Discount to teams: 5% discount on first order use code: RACCOON5RECW


Offer for RecWired members:

5% OFF First Purchase

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