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Teamtailor is the recruitment and employer branding focused ATS. Loved by 6000+ organisations across all sizes and verticals... Teamtailor is the modern way to attract, nurture and hire top talent with a beautiful careers page, then take care of that talent in an ATS that’s enterprise-powerful, yet simple to manage.

Grow faster by focusing on what matters most - your candidates.

Designed to help recruiters and HR managers, you’ll strengthen your employer brand and revolutionise your recruitment process, all in one platform. Use unique features such as automated triggers, anonymous hiring, GDPR compliance and an easy-to-build, interactive career site builder.


> Reduce time to hire

> Improved HR analytics

> World class candidate and user experience

> Easy to manage GDPR compliance

> Employer branding

> Showcase company culture

> Easily managed hiring diversity & inclusion policies

> Helping to efficiently arrange meetings and eliminate scheduling headaches

> Integrates with entire HR suite

> Reach more candidates via simultaneous posting to various job boards at once


Offer for RecWired members:


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