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SourceFlow is a leading recruitment marketing platform that helps agencies make more money.

Our recruitment-focused platform includes websites, marketing tools, analytics and integrations enabling our clients to better market to clients, candidates & consultants.

Some of the leading recruitment brands such as NES, Source Group International & SR2 use SourceFlow to drive digital transformation and revenue.


1. Core: the future of recruitment websites, content management & marketing tools

Popular Features:

  • Headless Content platform

  • SEO

  • Custom design

2. Insights: Track & report candidate and client sources from initial contact through to revenue

Popular Features

  • Source Tracking

  • Marketing Analytics

  • Revenue attribution

3. Sync: Unify your Recruitment CRM with Marketing software to create a revenue-generating tech stack

Popular Features

  • CRM integration

  • Marketing integration

  • Sync systems together


Offer for RecWired members:

Free strategy session & data migration

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