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HireAra is the go-to candidate presentation tool for agencies; making your candidates CVs beautiful, automatically.

How much time do you think your clients spend on your website? It might shock you that the industry average is only 15 seconds per visit. Versus how much time do they spend looking at your CVs? The answer, unsurprisingly is a lot of time. Your clients may even print off your CVs and hand them around the office.

Use HireAra to make your CVs your best branding asset, automatically. Branding impacts buyer decisions. Branding = repeat business.


> Unlimited templates with unmatched branding potential

> Build it yourself or work with our team of designers

> Super simple to use and intuitive

> Unlimited users

> GDPR compliance

> Excellent customer service

> Free design consultations

> CVs processed in 10 seconds


Offer for RecWired members:

CV branding review

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