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Betterleap is an AI-powered sourcing and outreach platform. We integrate with multiple data providers allowing recruiters to search an extensive database of over 1 billion potential hires with verified contact details. Our AI gives tailored candidate suggestions that go beyond usual filters turning complex data into easy-to-use insights for recruiters and talent leaders. We combine data with the power of AI to serve multiple industries such as tech, healthcare, and retail among many others. With Betterleap, recruiting is simpler, smarter, and more effective.


  • AI sourcing

  • Sourcing from the Betterleap database (filters, keywords, booleans)

  • Talent rediscovery

  • Unlimited contact info finding

  • Email sequences

  • Multi-channel sequences

  • AI powered personalised messaging

  • ATS integrations (Lever, Greenhouse, Ashby, Recruiterflow, Clockwork, Bullhorn)

  • CRM integrations (Salesforce)

  • Email sending integrations (Google, Microsoft)

  • Scheduling integrations (Calendly)

  • Team outreach and funnel analytics

  • GPT analytics

  • Business development mode (for recruiting agencies*)

  • Client collaboration features (for recruiting agencies*)


Offer for RecWired members:

13 months at the price of 12

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