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The Future of Onboarding Is Here, And It's Beautiful.

The Future of Onboarding Is Here, And It's Beautiful.

Why do recruitment owners need to care about compliance?
Discover a future to better onboarding and the team that makes it happen.


We get it, recruiters want to spend less time chasing documents and more time placing candidates. But while the front-office is the lifeblood of any recruitment business, efficiency (and the ability to upscale) will be reliant on a strong and compliant back-office process.

However, the onboarding process is often disconnected – with staff using multiple platforms to manually input data, chase workers for documentation, and run background checks across different systems. The list is endless. And the risk of losing track of what’s left to do, and ultimately compliance errors, is on the increase.​

Tom Cooksey, Managing Director of Elements

“Recruiters have expressed a number of issues with their onboarding procedures, from the time spent to do all of the manual checks, to the costly mistakes that inaccurate data could cause them due to using multiple systems and processes.

“Based on this feedback, we created Elements - a beautifully designed, and easy-to-use software platform that makes the onboarding process so much more efficient. Using AI and intuitive technology, Elements can automate a vast number of repetitive tasks, like reading documents, checking contracts for key information such as Right to Work, DBS and Credit checks, as well as verifying information with external agencies like HMRC and Companies House.” This webinar is an opportunity to meet the Elements team, find out why recruitment owners needs to care about compliance, and discover a future to better onboarding.

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