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Candidate Funnel Calculators

  • Users: This sheet is intended for recruitment professionals, particularly those involved in sourcing candidates.
  • Value: It provides a structured approach to calculate the number of interactions (like CVs or profiles viewed) needed to achieve a desired number of candidate engagements. This helps in efficient resource allocation and realistic goal setting.
  • Data Source: Recruitment professionals would use data from their applicant tracking systems, recruitment databases, or historical performance metrics to input values like response rates and number of CVs/profiles.

Sourcing Team Output Calculator

  • Users: This is also for recruitment professionals, focusing on managing and assessing the performance of a sourcing team.
  • Value: It offers a way to calculate daily outputs based on the team's activities. This is crucial for tracking performance, setting daily or weekly targets, and identifying areas for improvement.
  • Data Source: The required data would come from daily activity logs, performance reports of the sourcing team, or recruitment software tools that track sourcing activities.

Both sheets serve as practical tools for recruitment teams, enabling them to quantify and optimise their candidate sourcing and engagement processes.

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