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Organisations frequently employ talent mapping to assess and comprehend their existing talent pool and to project future staffing requirements. This involves evaluating employees on various dimensions such as potential, performance, and tenure, among other pertinent attributes.

Understanding the 9 Box Talent Grid

The 9 Box Talent Grid is a visual framework that evaluates employees based on two primary dimensions: performance and potential.

The 9 Box Talent Grid:

High Potential
Medium Potential
Low Potential
High Performance
Star Player
Core Player
Medium Performance
Rising Star
Steady Contributor
Low Performance
Potential Issue
Hidden Gem
Lacking Performer

Each quadrant of the grid offers unique insights:

  • Star Player: Top talents with high potential and performance.
  • Core Player: Consistent performers vital to business continuity.
  • Enigma: High performers with limited potential for growth.
  • Rising Star: Employees with potential yet to be fully realised.
  • Steady Contributor: Reliable employees meeting expectations.
  • Underachiever: Meeting expectations but with limited growth potential.
  • Potential Issue: High potential employees not delivering expected results.
  • Hidden Gem: Underperformers with potential to improve.
  • Lacking Performer: Employees who neither meet performance expectations nor show potential for growth.

Complementing the 9 Box Grid with the Talent Mapping Tool

While the 9 Box Talent Grid offers a simplified view of employee dynamics, the "Talent Mapping Tool.xlsx" dives deeper, providing a comprehensive evaluation.

Using the Talent Mapping Tool:

  • Download and Open the Template: Begin by accessing the "Talent Mapping Tool.xlsx" file.
  • Input Employee Data: Populate fields capturing information from name and tenure to performance and potential ratings.
  • Review Recommended Actions: The tool provides actionable insights tailored to each employee's unique profile.
  • Adjust and Revisit: Talent dynamics are fluid. Regularly updating the tool ensures alignment with evolving employee performance, potential, and other factors.

The interplay between the 9 Box Talent Grid and the Excel tool offers a holistic and detailed view of talent within the organisation. By combining a quick visual representation with in-depth analysis, HR and management are empowered to craft strategies that are both informed and targeted.

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