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Tips to maximise Dripify and to avoid common pitfalls:

When setting up your account and campaigns:

  • Time zone - make sure it's appropriate to your audience
  • Connection requests - make sure you set it up to withdraw after a few days/ weeks if not accepted to make the most of your LinkedIn plan
  • Advise the user of the account to save as important all qualified leads - i.e people that responded (for efficiency tracking)
  • Make sure you select ''Remove leads found in other team member campaigns'' before starting the sequence if you're going to use it on multiple team members' accounts and they have similar audiences.


  • Don't run multiple campaigns with messages for the same audience at once (e.g 1st connections) - it gets confusing really quickly and it can look automated.
  • Don't use wide audiences - use sales nav for a better-targeted campaign instead of LinkedIn search. You also have a limited number of actions daily (you can set up what seems right for you depending on usual activity in your Linkedin account) in order to avoid LinkedIn jail, so if you aim for quicker turnover it's best to do a specific search by Job title and city/ area, not the whole country.

Author: Doherty Group

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