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Bullhorn's 14th annual report includes a comprehensive analysis of the recruitment industry, spanning responses from agencies of all sizes, recruitment models, and industries. Over 1,400 recruitment professionals from across the globe responded to this year’s survey.

Key findings:

In2024, high-performing agencies will look to:

●      Aggressively improve productivity and efficiency

●      Leverage automation and AI to take on manual tasks, freeing recruiters up to focus on client and candidate engagement

●      Build talent pools that can meet changing job requirements and technology to quickly match them to the right jobs

●      Rely on technology to win new business and increase differentiation in the marketplace


Key data points:


●      63% of recruitment agencies cite economic uncertainty as the top challenge going into 2024

●      More than half of respondents expect their recruitment agency to improve revenue in2024

●      Top-performing recruitment agencies place candidates in 19 days or less

●      Agencies that had the most success winning new business in 2023 were 75% more likely to have automated client nurturing

●      58% of agencies are starting to experiment with AI

●      Top-performing agencies are using AI for shift scheduling and gathering client requirements

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