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The email template provided below showcases a transition from a contingent recruitment model to a retained search model. This transition can offer a deeper, more committed partnership with clients, ensuring better results and smoother processes.

As you review the template, pay close attention to the clarity of communication, the benefits highlighted, and the way potential concerns of the client are addressed proactively. This serves as a valuable example of how to effectively communicate changes and proposals to clients in a manner that emphasizes mutual growth and collaboration.


Email Template:

Hi [Client's Name],

It was great catching up with you!

I wanted to chat about how we can work even closer together. Right now, we're on a 'no win, no fee' setup. While it has worked for us, it does mean there are some limits on how deep I can go into each search for your roles.

By moving to a retained search, here's what changes:

  • Exclusive Partnership: It's just us, working together for all your jobs. This is great because:
  • I can be upfront with potential hires about the fantastic company they might join (yours!).
  • I can give more time and attention to each of your roles, ensuring we find the best fit.
  • Payments:
  • Before: You've already paid £[Amount Paid] to [COMPANY NAME] in various chunks.
  • New Proposal: Instead of unpredictable bills, we could have a steady monthly amount of £[Proposed Monthly Fee]. It's smoother and helps with budgeting.
  • Pricing: The total cost stays the same. We're talking about (%) of the yearly salary for each person we bring on board.
  • Contract: I suggest an 18-month agreement. But I understand that flexibility is key. So, if you want an option to review at 9 months, that's completely fine.
  • Regular Checks: Every 3 months, we'll sit down (or hop on a call) and look at the advance payments. If the hires don't match the payments, we'll make it right.

To ensure I'm on the mark with potential hires:

  • I'll need a clearer picture of the roles you're hiring for. A chat or some detailed info would be perfect.
  • A brief discussion about your company's values and culture would be helpful. This ensures I'm painting the right picture when talking to candidates.

Lastly, if someone gets in touch with you directly because they've seen our ads, or if another agency approaches you, it would be great if you could direct them to us. This ensures everyone gets the same consistent experience.

I'm all set to kick this off from the (date) if you're on board.

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