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This Vacancy Qualification Tool is a comprehensive scoring system devised for recruiters to assess job vacancies with precision. It examines a range of parameters including familiarity with the hiring manager, engagement type, exclusivity terms, and how long the vacancy has been open. Additional criteria such as the absence of an internal recruiting team, the attractiveness of the benefits package, the recruiter’s experience with the role, options for remote work, the urgency of the hire, confirmation of interview slots, communication with all internal stakeholders, and the employer's brand reputation are also evaluated.Scores are allocated to each parameter leading to a maximum possible score of 120. Vacancies that achieve a score above 70 are considered viable and worth pursuing, while those falling below this mark may need to be reconsidered. By adopting this tool, recruiters can employ a methodical approach to prioritising vacancies with the best chances of conversion and profit opportunities, thus refining the recruitment strategy and maximising the use of resources.

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