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The "[PC] Content Calendar + Matrix" by PeakCreative is a designed content planning and management tool, tailored for staffing firms looking to refine their content strategy. It includes several distinct sections:

  1. Brand Questionnaire: Aims to help businesses articulate their brand identity, values, and key messaging, ensuring content aligns with their overall brand ethos.
  2. Audience Stages: Assists in identifying and understanding various stages of audience interaction with the brand, enabling the creation of more targeted and relevant content.
  3. Content Pillars: This section outlines the main themes or topics around which content will be centred, ensuring consistency and relevance in messaging.
  4. Content Calendar: A crucial tool for planning, scheduling, and tracking content across different platforms, helping maintain a consistent and strategic content output.
  5. Resources: Provides a compilation of tools, references, and resources essential for effective content creation and management.
  6. Hooks: Offers strategies and ideas for creating engaging content that captures and retains audience attention.

Overall, the workbook serves as an invaluable resource for businesses seeking a structured and strategic approach to content marketing, aligning their content creation efforts with their brand strategy and audience engagement goals.

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