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  1. Connecting with 2nd connections
  1. I did a few searches on LinkedIn and got my VA  to remove profiles that contain - keywords that are for sure not relevant from that CSV file; I put my target sector keyword in regular LinkedIn search bar and did a search in London (add as many cities as you want to the list)
  2. I get Dripify to connect with them - "Hey Name, would be great to connect!"
  3. If they don't accept, Dripify withdraws the connection request in 5 days
  4. If they do accept, it sends: Hey Name, thanks for connecting! How are things at Company?
  5. It is also viewing their profiles, liking posts, endorsing them in the meantime.

This is not perfect and it will add a few people that have less than a year of experience etc, but I get it to connect to 10 people daily, on weekends as well - so it's a way to build relationships even if they are not relevant at this moment.

  1. Touching base with 1st connections
  1. I did a search on ‘’Job Title’’  within my 1st connections - got my VA to go through that list (2000+ leads) and make a list for me - to include only relevant profiles and put them in 3 lists:
  2. People that I haven't been in touch with in the past 3 months - to them I'm sending a message like 'Hey, thought I should touch base, let me know if there's anything I can help with this year...'
  3. People that I have been in touch with recently - adding them to a separate sheet - to touch base in a few months
  4. People that are close to the 2 year mark, but not quite there yet - I'll come back to them and put them in another campaign

This campaign also has other steps after the 1st message - and it's just interacting with them. Viewing profiles, endorsing skills, liking posts etc so I'm staying in touch with them even after the 1st message. - I got 10+ candidates from this one

  1. Engaging with candidates who were headhunted recently via SourceWhale
  1. Viewing their profiles, liking posts etc, just to keep in touch with them
  2. These are candidates that have been added to various campaigns on SW but either haven't replied or are not interested yet

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