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When deciding on your company's values, it's important to consider factors that reflect your organization's culture, guide decision-making, and resonate with your employees and customers. Here are the main considerations and questions to ask yourself:

  1. Alignment with mission and vision: How do the values align with your company's mission and long-term vision?
  • Do the values support your mission statement and strategic objectives?
  • Will the values help drive your organization toward its long-term goals?

  1. Authenticity: Are the values genuine and authentic to your organization?
  • Do the values represent the true beliefs and principles of the founders or leadership team?
  • Can you provide real-life examples of how these values have been demonstrated within the company?

  1. Relevance to stakeholders: Do the values resonate with your employees, customers, and other stakeholders?
  • Will your employees feel motivated and inspired by these values?
  • Do the values align with your customers' expectations and preferences?
  • Can your suppliers, partners, and investors relate to these values?

  1. Distinctiveness: Are the values unique or distinctive to your organization?
  • Do the values help differentiate your company from its competitors?
  • Do the values capture the essence of your organization's culture and identity?

  1. Actionable and measurable: Are the values actionable and measurable?
  • Can the values be translated into specific behaviors and actions for employees to follow?
  • Is it possible to evaluate employees' performance based on these values?

  1. Flexibility and adaptability: Are the values flexible enough to accommodate changes in the business environment or industry?
  • Will the values remain relevant and applicable as your company grows and evolves?
  • Can the values be adapted to different situations and contexts?

  1. Simplicity and clarity: Are the values simple, clear, and easy to understand?
  • Can employees and stakeholders quickly grasp the meaning of each value?
  • Are the values concise and easy to communicate?

Once you've considered these factors and answered the questions, you should have a solid foundation for establishing your company's values. Keep in mind that values should be consistently communicated, reinforced, and embedded into the fabric of your organization's culture to have a lasting impact.

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