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Welcome to the latest episode of the Recruiter Startup Podcast.Dualta is joined by Martin O'Donnell, founder of Sustainability, recruitment agency based in Sydney, specialising in Tech and Financial Services. They delve into Martin's background and how he ended up in Australia, exploring his journey from the UK to Sydney more than 20 years ago.  Martin also talks about the challenges and opportunities of recruiting in Australia, the differences between the UK and Australian markets, how UK recruiters have found success Down Under, and gives advice for those looking to make the leap to Australia.Martin opens up about the recent acquisition of Sustainability and shares his experience of selling the business as well as reflecting on the lessons learnt throughout the process and his excitement for future opportunities within the new business framework.Whether you're a Recruiter exploring new opportunities or a Founder looking into expanding abroad, this one is not to be missed. Enjoy it!

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