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Talent Ticker

We give you the B2B leads and prospects you want months before anyone else

Get 3+ months ahead of your competition and other tools.

> Increase pipeline velocity and close more deals
> Streamline prospecting and admin by 75%
> Global coverage across all major verticals

Talent Ticker augments modern recruiters by automating outreach, business development and candidate sourcing with unique predictive intelligence.


> Automate your business development

> Discover top-tier passive candidates that you won’t find anywhere else

> Reduce email bouncebacks and unsuccesful dials

> Consolidate your tech stack into one centralised platform

> Actionable sales intelligence available wherever you work

RecWired members will receive an additional 100 extra free credits per month (1,200 per year) for the business to distribute as desired.

Talent Ticker

Offer for RecWired members:

100 credits, £250 value


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