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Guru Protect

We are a bunch of self confessed email nerds who fix your email to help improve its reputation and authority which in turn helps to avoid the spam trap. Simply put, we make your emails less spammy!

Whether you send marketing , transactional, or conversational emails, avoiding the junk folder is now much harder. Its not just the content of your email which decides its fate, nor is it only restricted to those that send marketing email. Being banished to the junk folder can affect everyone and anyone at any time.

If you are in the junk folder trap, then don’t worry, we can usually get you out within 10-12 weeks. However, its always better to apply our magic before you get banished to the sin bin.

This is not a hack or short term fix, this is a long term program of best practice improvements to help keep you out of the junk folder permanently.


Check your email deliverability for Free here:

Offer for RecWired members; Free email consultation

We look at your inbox score (how likely your email domain will land in the inbox) and what you need to do to improve it. We also review your current email strategy and how you can better position yourself to avoid the spam trap.

Guru Deliver

Offer for RecWired members:

Free email consultation


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