The Academy is led by Hoxo CEO - Sean Anderson, a successful ex-recruiter who once operated with an old school approach. In 2017 he began to invest in himself to build a personal brand that would position him as a thought leader and drive inbound leads.


Sean worked daily to build a clear audience online, produce content and offer as much support and value to Recruitment Leaders as possible on LinkedIn.


He has since built a Globally Recognised 7 Figure Marketing Agency and Industry leading Podcast based on this daily practice.


He has also helped 150+ Recruitment Leaders across the globe to overcome their fears and build online brands that have engaged candidates and clients far wider than they could before.

  • ​A clear plan for Linkedin Growth

  • ​Knowledge of how to engage the right people

  • ​Clear success metrics to follow

  • ​Conquered the fear of creating content

  • ​More profile views and inbound interest

  • ​Started building a targeted community

  • ​Saved time through learning the process and using automation

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