Bryq blindly screens candidates, matching skills and personality traits to job requirements, eliminating bias and boosting diverse hiring. Bryq is a science-backed talent assessment platform that allows you to identify the candidates that have a unique mix of cognitive skills and personality traits that are important for a role. 


Not sure what necessary traits you are looking for in a candidate? Our AI-powered job profile Prediction tool will assist you in translating your requirements to cognitive skills and personality traits that are essential for the job. Is unconscious bias getting in the way of your recruiting? With a blind screening process in place, your candidates are ranked based on objective data, proven industrial and organizational psychology, as well as compatibility.


Create an objective and equitable process for your candidates with an engaging 20-minute online chatbot assessment that has an 82% candidate satisfaction score. Our easy-to-understand candidate reports allow for a focus on potential areas of concern, while our personalized interview guides make structured interviews simple!


Discover the true potential of your candidates, based on science, not just their past experiences