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The Scoop

The Scoop enables recruiters to build brands. Built for both the solo recruiter and agencies alike, The Scoop is a fully customizable space to package your identity.

For the Solo Recruiter, The Scoop is the must-have digital, content-rich one-pager.

✔ Engage clients
✔ Attract new business
✔ Provide social proof
✔ Showcase content & Testimonials
✔ Market anonymous video candidate profiles
✔ Increase your response rate to video job postings, social media vacancies & and emails by 65% or more


For Business Owners, The Scoop is the perfect tool to empower your recruiters, giving them their own evergreen digital profile.

✔ Attract more clients

✔ Improve engagement during business development

✔ Increase candidate attraction

✔ Bridge the gap between Marketing and Sales

✔ Manage multiple profiles in one go

✔Have better control over brand communications, as well as inbound & outbound marketing efforts


Offer for RecWired members:

20% OFF

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