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Hoxo Media

Hoxo Media helps recruitment agencies attract business online via Inbound Marketing and Personal Branding. We brand recruitment companies to build better reputations. And a recruitment agency with a strong brand and excellent reputation equals more business. It’s as simple as that.

The Hoxo Agency is made up of a team of talented strategists, confident copywriters, and excellent designers ready to help clarify and elevate your brand message and visual identity. Our simple yet effective process allows us to carefully craft your personalised strategy, message, and visual identity.

Seeking business over the phone is no longer the only option, we now live in a time where every client relationship just got more digital. Luckily, Hoxo knows what to do.


> Personal Brand Bootcamp for recruiters

8-week Bootcamp teaches recruiters how to maximise LinkedIn at a desk level to build a personal brand that:

- Attracts ideal clients and candidates (bringing them to you instead of the other way around)

- Improves your team’s visibility on LinkedIn by 300 to 1,000% within 8 weeks

- Elevates your agency WAY above your competitors

> Personal Brand Management

Our Personal Brand Management service is for recruitment managers or leaders, and high-performing recruiters who want to build a personal brand but don’t know where to start. If you have a personal brand you want to build but lack the time, creativity, or confidence to get there, this is for you.


Offer for RecWired members:

10% OFF

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