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elay is an engagement automation platform designed to help recruiters automate their candidate attraction and business development engagement.

Using Conversational AI, our platform automatically manages conversations for the user and directly saves time by automating their engagement. As a result of elay, recruiters free up more time for high-quality conversations with both clients and candidates.

Today, elay has helped over one hundred and fifty recruiters, globally engage with over a million new prospects and candidates.


  • Maximise your ROI from LinkedIn

  • Save on average 3 hours per day, per user

  • Remove the risk of opportunities slipping through the crack due to human error and lack of self-discipline

  • Increase response rate

  • Give you a company wide overview of how your team are using LinkedIn

  • Download profiles directly to your CRM


Offer for RecWired members:

Free templates, data migration and no set up fee.

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