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Find emails and phone numbers for 300M professionals.
When you need a reliable, compliant database of personal & work contacts, ContactOut provides the widest data coverage with highest accuracy for most industries.

At ContactOut, we source, store and refresh our data firsthand. Other vendors purchase contact lists that have been resold hundreds of times. With ContactOut you will receive the most accurate contact information of decision-makers & candidates that you cannot find elsewhere.


  • Search Portal

Find quality prospects fast - all from one place. 

Instant access to 300M professionals from 36M companies with filters like seniority and departments to prospect faster.

  • Email Campaigns

Automate & accelerate your outreach. Run multi-stage email campaigns. Import prospects in one click. Personalize emails at scale. Measure performance. Hit your goals.

  • Chrome Extension

Prospect faster on LinkedIn & any company website. Get emails and phone numbers for 75% of people on LinkedIn. Add prospects to an email campaign in one click.

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