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In the new world of uncertainty and change, the challenge is more than ever to control cash flows that reflect a company's health. Agicap's mission is to help managers automate this management so that they can concentrate on high-value-added tasks. In this way, they can gain a competitive advantage by anticipating difficulties and making their cash surpluses grow.

Agicap provides an all-in-one solution comprising 2 modules: Agicap Cash Flow and Agicap CashCollect.

This solution is based on our leading data integration technology, able to integrate and process data from all banks and all major business software in Europe in real-time. Financial workflows are automated on the platform, to allow reliable, accurate and time-saving cash flow management.


Put cash flow at the heart of your financial management with Agicap.

  • Manage, forecast and analyse your cash flow

  • Improve the performance of your business

  • Reduce your working capital requirement

  • Increase your cash surplus

  • Follow up and collect your customer receivables

Agicap also handles critical operations with a direct impact on a business' cash flows: from the same platform, finance teams are able to manage, process and optimise their accounts payable and accounts receivable, with simplified payment processes and automated workflows.

RecWired members benefits: 

Free onboarding, integrations and data migrations


Offer for RecWired members:

Free onboarding, integrations & data migrations

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